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  • Understanding the structure of ICPC

From the general structure to a rubric. Files from the http://trix.docpatient.net web page allow to understand the content of ICPC-2 

Conceptual structure > Chapters & components  >  ChessboardICPC main table  >  Rubricavailable at http://trix.docpatient.net/icpc/icpc-en/struct-en.htm


  •  Browsing ICPC-2-e

Browse ICPC-2-e in English and the corresponding ICD-10 codes  on the web page of the ICPC-2-e update group  http://icpc.who-fic.nl/browser.aspx


  • ICPC-2-e  App (IOS) in english

Download the ICPC-2 App for Smartphones and tablets

                          Multilingual ICPC and much more

Go to www.hetop.eu

First choose your language by clicking on the French flag. Then make an inscription  by clicking on “Inscription” at the right corner. This is free.  You will receive a login and password by mail

Then type a disease or symptom in the relevant window and choose your classification system.  You can cross your choice but  crossing occurrences is time consuming. So wait. ICPC is just a bit lost in all

This is a realization of the computer lab of Rouen university, France,  head by Stefan Darmoni, MD, PHD, former GP. 


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