Online access to some classifications and terminologies


WHO-FIC -nl ICPC-2e (en) v4.2beta browser

ICPC 2 on Bioportal

ICPC Plus / ICPC Plus on Bioportal

ICD-10 online

ICD-11 beta online

hetop multiterminologic server (ICPC available after inscritpion)

iCAT - Initial ICD-11 Collaborative Authoring Tool 

ICF online  /  CIF (.fr) /   Training pages :




SNOMED-CT on Bioportal


Portail Terminologique Santé (French interface, ask access)

LOCAS (French terminology - free)

Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups® (ACG®) System

International Dietetics & Nutrition Terminology (IDNT)

FHIR Release 3 

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