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  • ICPC-2 rubrics in 21 languages in URI format

    Marc Jamoulle, Julien Grosjean, Stefan Darmoni. June 2017.

    Each rubric of ICPC-2 and Q-codes is available in URI format.

      30/05/2017   More  
  • From ICHPPC to ICPC

    The Committee has produced successively from 1972 sometimes together with other international bodies such as NAPCRG or WHO ;

      06/11/2011   More  
  • A simple data model for ICPC-3

      01/10/2013   More  
  • Conversion ICPC-1 to ICPC-2

      15/08/2017   More  
  • WIIC at the WHO-FIC Network Annual Meeting 2015 Manchester, United Kingdom

      22/11/2015   More  
  • ICPC & WICC leaflets & posters

      16/12/2011   More