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  • ICPC-3 Consortium, a 3 years international project.

    In 2017, an agreement was reached between WONCA World, WONCA Europe and several interest groups for the development and editing of ICPC-3. The WICC is in charge of the scientific content and leads the consortium.

      13/08/2018   More  
  • Reliability measurement of ICPC-2 in an African primary care setting

    Reliability measurement and ICD-10 validation of ICPC-2 for coding/classification of diagnoses/health problems in an African primary care setting
    Olawunmi A Olagundoye, Zelra Malan, Bob Mash, Kees van Boven, Gustavo Gusso, Afolasade Ogunnaike
    Family Practice, 17 January 2018
      01/07/2018   More  
  • Prescribing antibiotics for respiratory tract infections in primary care:

    Hueber, S., Kuehlein, T., Gerlach, R., Tauscher, M., & Schedlbauer, A. (2017). " What they see is what you get": Prescribing antibiotics for respiratory tract infections in primary care: Do high prescribers diagnose differently? An analysis of German routine data. PloS one, 12(12), e0188521.
      21/04/2018   More  
  • Brazil to launch CIAP_2 use at large scale

    Official Manual of Brazilian Ministry of Health
    40.000 health teams with more than 300.000 health professional, included health agents are using ICPC which is mandatory
      12/04/2018   More  
  • ICPC-2 rubrics in 21 languages in URI format

    Marc Jamoulle, Julien Grosjean, Stefan Darmoni. June 2017.

    Each rubric of ICPC-2 and Q-codes is available in URI format.

      30/05/2017   More  
  • From ICHPPC to ICPC

    The Committee has produced successively from 1972 sometimes together with other international bodies such as NAPCRG or WHO ;

      06/11/2011   More  
  • A simple data model for ICPC-3

      01/10/2013   More  
  • Conversion ICPC-1 to ICPC-2

      15/08/2017   More  
  • WIIC at the WHO-FIC Network Annual Meeting 2015 Manchester, United Kingdom

      22/11/2015   More  
  • ICPC & WICC leaflets & posters

      16/12/2011   More