• Presentations of the work of the Committee on Youtube

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  • Worldwide Usage of International Classification of Primary Care. (2016)

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  • The Wonca International Classification Committee 1972 - present (2012)

    In 2007 in Dunedin (NZ) Niels Bentzen, past chair, passed the leadership to Mike Klinkman. Mike wrote a history of WICC in 2012.

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  • Classifying of health problems in primary medical care (1972 & 1974)

    Editorial of the JRCGP about the set up of the Committee, Melbourne , 1972
    Launch of ICHPPC during the sixth World Conference on General Practice in November 1974
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  • IC-Process-PC: International Classification of Process in Primary Care 1986

    Wonca published the IC-Process-PC: International Classification of Process in Primary Care (Oxford Medical Publications) (p. 60). Oxford University Press, USA. This is available as pdf.
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  • WONCA – the First Twenty Years (1992)

    David Game's wrote a story of WICC titled "WONCA - the First Twenty Years". This is the history of the first 20 years of Wonca and WICC from the perspective of a long term member of WONCA Council (1972-89).
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  • The WONCA Classification Committee, 1972-1997

    Mar Jamoulle, long time member of WICC, also writes a story on WCC in 1998.
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  • ICPC : new applications in research. 1996

    Inge Hofmans-Okkes and Henk Lamberts wrote about "The International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC): new applications in research - and computer-based patient records in family practice" in Family Practice 1996; 13: 294-302.
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  • The birth of the International Classification of Primary Care (2002)

    The story of ICPC as published in 2002 by Henk Lamberts & Maurice Wood
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  • The BANFF declaration (2003)

    Read about the BANFF Declaration and its relationship to HIPAA legislation.
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    Dr Ian Marshall, Member of Wonca International Classification Committee wrote about use of ICPC around the world in 2003.
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  • An introduction to ICPC-2 (2004)

    See "An introduction to the international classification of primary care. Version 2". edited by Dr Graeme Miller (Australia).
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