• One slide fits all. A one slide Synopsis in GP/FM

      19/02/2018   More  
  • Q-Codes rubrics in 8 languages in URI format

      30/05/2017   More  
  • Q-Codes working group

    The group is open
    Please send subscribe at : q-codes-working-group@googlegroups.com

      25/12/2016   More  
  • The Q-Codes, a taxonomy complementary to ICPC

    The hereby proposed terminology called “Q-Codes” can be defined as an extension of the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC-2). It deals with non-clinical concepts that are relevant in General Practice/Family Medicine (GP/FM).

      23/12/2016   More  
  • Press release

    short info in several languages about the books on multilingual terminology in Family medicine.

      29/12/2016   More  
  • Q-Codes online, How it works

    How to use Q-Codes on the HeTOP server

      01/01/2017   More