Q-Codes online, How it works


Q-Codes online, How it works

Suppose you are dealing with a problem among Migrant and some women present genital mutilations

Both are among issues discussed by GPs during the congresses in which textual analysis has been performed. Consequently they have both a Q-Codes and an online terminological record

In principle Q-Codes are intended for non-clinical issues. Nevertheless the item  Mutilation, although also clinical, has its natural place in the category QC5 victim of violence

After inscription (free) on the www.hetop.eu/Q server the Migrants issues could be reached either by typing the code QC32 either by entering Migrant after language choice

QC55 ritual mutilation is the entry for the second issue.


On the HeTOP website, just explore the tab discussion to have more information on the concept, including a selected bibliography

Through the tab hierarchy  you can explore 182 concepts gathered from GPs discussions in congresses

The tab Pubmed  opens this base with an automatic search strategy as each item is automatically and manually checked to MeSH

All the data are ready for web 3.0 (Protégé and Linked data)


The explanation of all the stuff  is in the book (available in 5 languages – Vietnamese soon)  http://www.publier-un-livre.com/fr/recherche?q=jamoulle

Items not discussed in the congresses analyzed are not in the list of Q-codes. Further work needed to explore the moving table of content of GP/FM!


Consider also http://3cgp.woncaeurope.org for further explanations



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