Primary Health Care Classification Consortium


WICC meeting, Lyon, 2017

The WICC in Lyon, 2017

PH3C supports the activity of the Wonca International Classification Committee (WICC) and this website.

You can access the work published by WICC since its creation in 1972. It provides information about the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) and other tools dealing with information retrieval in Primary Care.

The name "Primary Health Care Classification Consortium" has been chosen to support Wonca and WICC efforts in this domain, to diffuse information about WICC work, to gather people using WICC tools, to share research and field trials results and to seek support from all interested parties.

The website is also the main communication tool between WICC members. More than 50 members from 30 countries can communicate through a reserved access.

You can also join the Facebook Group PH3C: 

For informations about WICC and WICC products in other languages, see  the page members by country and the page of the ICPC associations and research centers.

The website has been launched at the initiative of a group of members of the WICC.

Editors :Marc Jamoulle (.be), Nicola Buono (.it), Erik Falkoe (.dk), Gustavo Gusso (.br), Sebastian Juncosa (.sp)


Webmaster: Christian Simon  <chsimon[at]> (.fr)

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