ICPC-2 rubrics in 21 languages in URI format


Marc Jamoulle, Julien Grosjean, Stefan Darmoni. June 2017. Each rubric of ICPC-2 and Q-codes is available in URI format.

Marc Jamoulle, Julien Grosjean, Stefan Darmoni. D2IM. University of Rouen          June 2017.

ICPC-2 (v6), new ICPC-2 Process (v6) and Q-Codes are available on the University of Rouen's HeTOP server in URI format (Universal Resource Identifier)
ICPC-2 is available in 19 languages. Q-Codes are available in 8 languages ; change the two characters ‘en’ by the corresponding by the corresponding language Code ISO 3166-1 in lower case : es, pt, fr, nl, ko, tr, vi into the URI. Link to ICD-10 have been updated in the HeTOP server. Automatic links to MeSH and Manually controlled links to Q-codes are also available for ICPC-2.
Access is granted free of charge. ICPC-2 is copyrighted by Wonca. Q-Codes are under Creative common license share alike non commercial.


Access to full trees in English:


ICPC-2 (v6) : ex W78  and -30 

  • ICPC-2 (v6) : http://www.hetop.org/hetop/?la=en&rr=CIP_D_W78&tab=1

          For other codes, change only the three digits (here W78) of the ICPC-2 rubric


  • ICPC-2 Process (v6) ; http://www.hetop.org/hetop/?la=en&rr=CIP_P_30&tab=1

          For other Process codes, change only the two digits (here 30) of the ICPC Process rubric (translations needed in many language)

Q-Codes (full table)

          please see below the pdf

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