The Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups® (ACG®) System


Since December 2010, the World Organization of Family Doctors (Wonca) has aligned with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHBSPH) to jointly promote the ICPC®-2; (International Classification of Primary Care, version 2) and the ACG® System (Adjusted Clinical Groups System) globally. 

The ACG System’s capability to process ICPC codes expands its ability to measure multi-morbidity of populations as well as individual patients, and will improve clinical, financial, and managerial decisions within health care systems worldwide. 

With the ACG System being the most widely used case mix method of its type in the world, and the Wonca International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) system being widely regarded as the most suitable classification system for Primary Care, the goal of this alliance is to contribute to improved delivery of primary care.


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Created 31/10/2011 - Last modified 31/12/2011