Ravello meeting 2012 ; Docs, slides and countries annual reports




In 2012 the yearly meeting of the WICC took place in Ravello, Italy. Main topics of the meeting were the results of the different working groups. Among them were the cooperation of WICC with WHO concerning primary care linearization of ICD-11, the development of ICPC-3 and the future dissemination of ICPC by the translation group. These were intensely discussed and the projects brought forward by the whole group. As always the vivid international atmosphere and exchange between the members and observers from all over the world contributed to the success of the meeting. Task of the WICC is not only to bring things forward, but also to collect and connect the work of general practitioners and researchers with ICPC in the different countries. Below you find the yearly country reports with the activities concerning the use of ICPC and the persons that can be contacted in each country if there should be interest in cooperation, participation or if you only have any question. 


Created 27/10/2012 - Last modified 20/12/2017