The LOCAS + project. Fist step in semantic world. Belgium 2011


The LOCAS + project


Initiated by Doctor Marc Jamoulle and developed by CETIC, LOCAS+ is a web application demonstrating the use of semantic technologies and Linked Open Data in the field of medical terminologies. This "proof of concept" is the second step of a CETIC project funded by the Waloon Region and the Heymans Institute of Pharmacology (Centre Belge d'Information Pharmacothérapeutique-CBIP) aimed at the transfer of knowledge on Semantic Web technologies to a group of dedicated general practitioners and data management specialists. LOCAS+ is edited on the server of CRISNET asbl, a Belgian GP non for profit association. This system has been developed in an attempt to understand the bases and principles of the web of data, following an introductory courses at CETIC in 2010.
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