The TRANSFoRm project (Translational Medicine and Patient Safety in Europe)


The TRANSFoRm project (Translational Medicine and Patient Safety in Europe) is looking to sign up partners for demonstration and exploitation of the project outputs.

We are especially looking for networks of family doctor researchers using electronic patient records who may collaborate in a pilot study on GERD or diabetes.

Registering as a partner with TRANSFoRm does not entail any direct obligations, but is indeed an opportunity to join the growing list of academic researchers, university departments, research networks, database owners and integrators, and electronic health record system developers and vendors who are working together within this European Commission project to
improve patient safety through translational medical research using electronic health records.

In the attached file, you will find more information on TRANSFoRm, its aims and objectives, and how these may benefit your organisation.

We are looking for networks of primary care researchers to take part in the pilot studies on gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and diabetes, in demonstrations, and to be early adopters of the software platform. You and your members have a key role here.

We hereby encourage you to register your interest by writing to either of the undersigned, by not later than the 15th October, to express your interest.

Please simply write to me expressing your interest, by mail or e-mail, and supplying your contact details, and we shall be in contact with you shortly.

We have much to gain from working together.

Dr Jean Karl Soler MD MSc MMCFD
(Visiting Professor, University of Ulster)
Executive Director, Research
Mediterranean Institute of Primary Care
PO Box 52


Created 29/11/2011 - Last modified 10/01/2018