Two new books from the Australian BEACH program were published today


Two new reports  (books) from the Australian BEACH  program were published today 
by the Family Medcien Research Centre, University of Sydney, through  the Sydney University Press.


These reports are available online and are free to download:


General practice activity in Australia 2011–12 is available here


A decade of Australian general practice 2002–03 to 2011–12 is available here

The reports describe the clinical the activities of our GPs and the care of their patients. We found that GPs are fitting much more into patient consultations than they were a decade ago. For example patients are presenting with more issues, GPs are managing more problems, and doing more tests and procedures – yet the time spent in the average length of the consultation has stayed the same at about 15 minutes. 

You can look at the press release here.

Created 27/11/2012 - Last modified 10/01/2018