Wonca Dictionary of General/Family Practice. 2003


Bentzen, N, ed. Wonca Dictionary of General/Family Practice. Wonca International Classification
Committee: Copenhagen, 2003.

The Wonca Dictionary of General/Family Practice

The Editor of the Dictionary and Chair of Wonca International Classification Committee (WICC) Niels Bentzen writes in the Preface:

“The main purpose of this dictionary is to act as a reference for GPs/FPs throughout the world, so that they can communicate meaningfully about general/family practice now and in the near future. The Dictionary’s ambition is to cover general terms regarding the organization and the work in general/family practice, research, classification, and epidemiology.”

  The President of Wonca Dr. Michael Boland writes in the Foreword:

“On behalf of Wonca, I welcome this publication as a milestone in the development of international family medicine. In commend it to all our member colleges, academies and scientific associations throughout the world. And to the growing community of teachers and researchers in family medicine everywhere. It will help us to define our discipline more precisely and to explain more clearly to others the contribution we can make to medical science and to the delivery of health care.”

  The Editor of “A Dictionary of Epidemiology” Professor  John Last writes:

“Reading it (the Wonca Dictionary of General/Family Practice), I was reminded of the preoccupation of thoughtful GPs with improved methods of education and research, at both of which many important cutting-edge innovations have come from family practice. The Wonca Dictionary is replete with terms from these domains and defines, usually concisely and clearly, their meaning in general/family practice”.

 Family doctors, the team members they work with and administrators and others who are responsible for primary care, will find this handy, slim reference book a useful source of explanations of terms they encounter and wish to ensure themselves that they know the full and correct meaning.


 The Wonca Dictionary in General/Family Practice is published in British English. If you want to translate it you must contact the CEO of Wonca, Dr. Alfred Loh, in order to get a license. This can either be a non-commercial or a commercial license.

 The translator must work in close cooperation with WICC through Dr. Inge Okkes: i.m.okkes@amc.uva.nl If the translator is from one of the countries which has a member in WICC (see other side), this member should also be contacted.

 Wonca has the copyright of any version of this book, and an agreement with Wonca is therefore necessary prior to any translation, publication or sale of the Wonca Dictionary in whatever language.


 The Wonca Dictionary of General/Family Practice can be obtained from the Wonca website:

www.GlobalFamilyDoctor.com ‘publications’

 A printed version can be paid for electronically  (25 USD) and will be mailed directly to the purchaser from the printer in Denmark.

 It can also be downloaded from the website at a price of 15 USD or be obtained as a CD-rom for 25 USD.

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