ICPC-2 book in several language


ICPC is written and published first in English which serves as lingua franca between the various members of the WICC.  

The original ICPC-2 book has been edited by Oxford Medical publication and is currently no more available 


ICPC-2 book has been translated in several languages, of which some are directly available on the net.


People interested in ICPC-2 translation are asked to contact Marten Kwist, prof. of general practice, Turku University, in charge of  translations issues : <marten.kvist[at]pp.inet.fi>


ICPC-1 in 13 languages on the Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®) pages


French : M.Jamoulle, M.Roland, J.Humbert, JF.Brûlet. (Eds) Traitement de l’information médicale par la Classification Internationale des Soins Primaires 2ème version (CISP-2), assorti d’un glossaire de médecine générale, préparé par le Comité International de Classification de la WONCA. Care Edition, Bruxelles, 2000 (épuisé) Réimpression pdf téléchargeable sur le site du CISP Club


Portuguese (.po): available here under in pdf ; Classificação Internacional de Cuidados de Saúde Primários
Portuguese (.br) : available at  SBMFC 


Italian : contact the ICPC club Italia




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