The Wonca International Classification Committee 1972 - present (2012)


In 2007 in Dunedin (NZ) Niels Bentzen, past chair, passed the leadership to Mike Klinkman. Mike wrote a history of WICC in 2012.

Mike Klinkman & Niels Bentzen

 Niels Bentzen (sitting) Mike Klinkman (standing)

1972 - 2012
Forty years of service to family medicine

The texts collected here tell the story of a ever renewed group of family physicians who dedicate their time and energy to the study of classification and other methods of research in family medicine.

Since 1972 and under the successive leadership of Robert Westbury, Jack Froom, Charles Bridges-Webb,  Niels Bentzen and now Mike Klinkman, these doctors have been inventing working tools that now serve thousands of colleagues worldwide.

State of WICC 2013 by Mike Klinkman, WICC chair, is available below in pdf format .

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